Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Two long lost songs of Sthree Hrudayam

Documenting the history of Indian film music - a challenging task. Malayalam film music, more difficult .
Songs recorded, but not included in the film. Songs once released,, subsequently removed. And so on. No documentation of such happenings.

Here is an example Name of the film : Stree Hrudayam (1960)

Recently I got a 78 rpm gramaphone record of two songs from the film. And I am surprised to note that these songs are not there in the songs book of the film
But the record lable clearly indicate these songs as from the film "Stree Hrudayam"
For your listening, I am attaching the songs.
Gramaphone record - Columbia record No. GE 36026
One is a Kathakali padam - probably from "Uttara Swayamvaram" (as the text indicate) " Pranavallabha...." - LPR Varma, Tripura Sundari and Shanta.
(Nothing known about the singers Tripurasundari and Shantha)

Another song, Ashtapadi - "Chandana charchita,....." L P R Varma

The story indicate the possibility of these songs in the film. The heroine is daughter of a temple priest. Ashtapadi being a Sopana sangteetham number being sung traditionally in temples. Other one, Kathakali, a temple art, the Kathakali padam also possible in the film

Listen to the songs here

Chandana Charthitha

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