Wednesday, July 6, 2011

P Susheela's first malayalam song - Trivia

P Susheela

All know that the singer came to Malayalam cinema through Seetha (1960)

There are some indications, and nowhere documented facts, that led to the entry of the singer to Malayalam. Probably one lullaby sung by her in a Tamil flm paved the way for this. I have come across such references in the past - interviews, comments by music personalities etc. Once a media person asked me whether I remember any lullaby sung by Suseela in mid 1950s that made her famous. I could not recollect, because it was her early period. And quite amazingly recently I happened to listen to one of her early lullabies. The media persoan asked me about the lullaby, on the basis of his interview with the playback singer P Jayachandran who referred to this song, and that he did not remember the details of the song. I located the melodious lullaby. It is from the tamil film "Kanavane Kan Kanda Deivam". (1955). I remember to have come across comments on this song, and probably this song might have paved the way for her entry to Malayalam cinema. For the first song by her in Malayalam, a lullaby, "Paattu paadi..." resembles her tamil lullaby. In both the songs, the mother character 's imagination is about the bright future of her son/sons. In the Tamil film, Anjali Devi, the heroine abandoned in the forest and struggling with her infant son sings the song. In the Malayalam film, Seetha Devi sings the song, abandoned in the forest and given refuge by the Sage Valmiki.

Listen to the Tamil song and recollect your memories of the Malayalam lullaby.


Listen to the song here

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