Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Intha veen kopam

The song "Intha veen kopam...." was removed from the tamil film "Kanavane Kan kanda deivam " (Tamil. 1955). Sung by P Leela and Susheela.

Tamil Cinema history notes that the song was removed to reduce the length of the film. But the released gramaphone record of the movie included this song. The song sequence which the audience could not watch on screen, became a super hit and one of the early hits of Susheela.

And I remember clearly, Ceylon Radio used to broadcast this number, with special announcement about the song - THIS IS THE HIT NUMBER THAT IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE MOVIE.

Malayalam cinema history doesn't have any mention of a song being dropped for similar reasons. I mentioned about the songs from Stree Hrudayam. I could know about the songs, only after getting the gramaphone record of the songs.

Listen to the tamil song.

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