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Tamil Movies made in Malayalam

Original TamilMalayalam Remake
Nalla Thankal 1935 Nalla Thanka 1950

Ethir Parathathu 1954
Nitya Kanyaka 1963 (Remade in Hindi as Sarada - 1957)

Hindi version with Rajkapoor and Meenakumari excelled. Nitya Kanyaka with Ragini and Satyan , was just an average film. The Tamil film with Sivaji and Padmini also was a huge hit at the box office.
Yaar Payyan 1957 Bhagya Mudra 1967

Chitthi 1966
Achante Bharya 1971 (Remade in Hindi as "Aurat" 1967)

The Malayalam version directed by Thikkurissi spoiled the spirit of the film and the story. In Tamil and Hindi, Padmini was the heroine. In Malayalam, her sister Ragini. Adoor Bhasi in Malayalam spoiled the film in the role of the husband of the heroine, whereas in Tamil the corresponding role played by M R Radha remain his best.

Neerkumizhi 1965
Aaradi Manninte Janmi 1972

Kuzhanthaiyum Deivamum 1965
Sethubandhanam 1974 (In Hindi as Do Kaliyan. 1968.)

Malayalam remake was not as successful as the Tamil and Hindi. Jamuna as heroine and G Varalakshmi as the villainous character excelled in their roles. Jayabharqthi and Sukumari in the corresponding roles - just average in the Malayalam remake.

Ponnukku Thanka manassu 1973
Bhoomidevi Pushpini aayi 1974

Miss Mary 1955
Miss Mary 1972 (In Hindi - Miss Mary, In telugu - Missamma)

An all time classic family comedy drama. The Tamil, Telugu as well as the Hindi films considered as classics. The Malayalam attempt could be treated as a mere waste, except for some songs. The music of all the three versions remain timeless.
In Hindi Meena Kumari, and in Tamil and Telugu Savithri performed the heroines roles. In Malayalam Jayabharathi.

Ramu 1966

Babumon 1975 (In Hindi - Door Gagan Ki Chaon Mein. 1964. The Hindi film is the original)

Tamil film is considered as the best, a box office hit, with excellent performances by Gemini Ganeshan, K R Vijaya. The Hindi flm with Kishorekumar and Supriya Choudhary failed to attract the audience. Malayalam attempt, may be below average at the box office.

Kalyana Parisu 1959
Sammanam 1975 ( In Hindi as "Nazrana" 1961)

All time classic in Tamil with Gemini Ganeshan, Sarojadevi and Vijayakumari, one of the best of director Sreedhar. Hindi with Rajkapoor, Vyjayanthimala, Usha Kiran was not as successful as the tamil. But the Malayalam remake the worst, Sasikumar's direction or the performance of the artists did not come up to comparatively fair level. The music of Hindi and Tamil became evergreen. Music wise also Malayalam did not come up.

Pettal Thaan Pillaiya 1966
Ashtami Rohini 1975 (Kunwara Baap - 1974 in Hindi.)

The Tamil original the best with MGR and Saroja devi. Hindi with Mehmood and Bharathi also did well at the box office. Malyalam remake just an average, or flop

Thayilla Pillai 1961
Pravaham 1975

The tamil film directed by L V Prasad, a family drama was just an average film with Muthukrishna, M V Rajamma, L Vijayalakshmi etc in the lead roles. The reason for this remake in Malayalam - directed by Sasikumar - might be the good story of the film. But the Malayalam film also could not create waves.

Kuzhanthaikkaka 1968
Omanakunju 1978 ("Nanha Farishta" in Hindi - 1969)

Again a waste film in Malayalam. The Tamil as well as the Hindi with Padmini in the lead role and a child artist did well at the box office.

Pukuntha Veedu 1972
Sindhu 1975

Sabash Meena 1958
Chirikkudukka 1976 (Dil Tera Diwana - 1962 in Hindi)

Tamil film remain the best, with Sivaji and Miss Malini in the lead roles. Music by T G Lingappa remain evergreen. Hindi film with Shammi Kapoor and Mala Sinha also succeeded at the box office. Malayalam film with Nazir and Vidhubala also did well, but not as the tamil or Hindi.

Annai 1962
Amma 1976

Malayalam film -no comparison with the original. The tamil film directed by Krishnan Panju remain one of the best performnces of the verstatile genius of Indian cinema, P Bhanumathi. What a stunning performance - she took the entire film on her shoulders. As a childless woman, even her eyes expresses her mental agony. And as the mother who is reluctant to share the love of her adopted son with the real mother, who happens to be her own sister, she presented a heart melting performance. Showcar Janaki as the real mother also shined. Singing in her own voice, she mesmerised the audience. A Malayalam remake could have been avoided.

Deerghasumangali 1974
Ayiram Janmangal 1976

Suryakanthi 1973
Priyamvada 1976

Panam Panthiyile 1961
Ozhukkinethire 1976

Pennai Nambungal 1973
Kuttavum Sikshayum 1976

Padithal Mattum Podhuma 1962
Kanyadanam 1976

Nenjil Oru Alayam 1962
Hridayam Oru Kshethram 1976 (Dil Ek Mandir - 1963 in Hindi)

Directors Sreedhars classic film produced within very short time. An all time classic in Tamil, Hindi. In Malayalam also the film was a success, a good movie with stunning performance of Sri Vidya. A low budget film in all the languages, hit the box office. The fact that the Hindi and Tamil films had long run in Kerala, did not affect the Malayalam film. In all the languages , musical hit. The performance by Meena Kumari in the Hindi version the best. In Tamil it was Devika (mother of present day actress Kanaka) who performed the role.

Iru Kodukal 1969
Mohavum Muktiyum 1977

One of the best of director K Balachander with Showcar Janaki and Jayanthi in the female lead, this female oriented films remake in Malayalam just flopped at the box office.

Bhagapirivinai 1959

Nirakudam 1977 (Khaandaan in Hindi - 1965)

The film succeeded in all the languages. Tamil with Sivaji and Saroja devi the best. HIndi with Sunil dutt and Nutan also became a huge hit.
Kamal Hassan s performance as the crippled young man who loves his elder brother more than his life remain one of the best of the versatile actor.

Pasamalar 1961
Santha Oru Devatha 1977 (Rakhi in Hindi. -1962 )

A mere waste in Malayalam. The Tamil film remain an all time hit with captivating performance of Sivaji, Gemini Ganeshan, Savithri. In Hindi Ashok Kumar, Pradeep Kumar and Wahida Rehman. The film which tells the story of dedicated love between a brother and sister, the Malayalam film failed in presenting the story in an impressive manner with Madhu and K R Vijaya in the lead role.
Karpakam 1963 Vishukkani 1977 ( Rishte Naatey in Hindi. 1965)

Good family drama - super hit in Tamil. With Gemini Ganeshan, K R Vijaya and Savithri in the pivotal roles, a musical hit too with all the songs of the film in the voice of P Suseela. The Malayalam fllm also became a super hit - with good music by Salil Choudhary. Performance wise the Malayalam film lacks behind the Tamil and Hindi films. It could be said that the music was the deciding factor in the success of the Malayalam version. In Hindi Rajkumar, Nutan and Jamuna. Nutan excelled in the role of the heroine. A Malayalam remake worth watching.

Engal Thanka Raja 1973
Ithanente Vazhi 1978

Chila Nerangalil Chila Manitharkal 1976

Chila Nerangalil Chila Manushyar 1977

Kannagi 1942
Kodungallooramma 1979 (Again remade in Tamil as Poompuhar)

In no way can be compared with the tamil original, except for the good music of the Malayalam film. The stunning performance of P Kannamba as Kannagi remains an icon of the heroine of the Tamil epic Chilappathikaram. K R Vijaya, by her looks or acting did not come up with a near comparison with the character. Music saved the film from immersing into obscurity.
Naanum Oru Penn 1963
Hridayathinte Nirangal 1979 (Main Bhi Ladki Hoon - in Hindi - 1964 )

A block buster in Tamil and Hindi. How dare P Subramaniam to produce such a hopeless film in Malayalam with a newcomer as the heroine.
The Malayam film flopped. Tamil film with S S Rajendran and Vijayakumari in the lead roles and Hindi film with Dharmendra and Meenakumari in the lead remain classics. The Malayalam film sunk into obscurity.

Alayamani 1962 Oru
Ragam Pala Taalam 1979 ( In Hindi as "Aadmi" 1968)

A Block buster in Tamil and the Hindi remake also became a classic of Dilip Kumar. The Malayalam remake flopped. Music of the Tamil film by Viswanathan Ramamoorthy and of the Hindi by Naushad also remain evergreen to this day. Music of the Malayalam film did not impress.

Mullum Malarum 1978
Venalil Oru Mazha 1979

Super hit Rajnikant movie in Tamil, the Malayalam remake also succeeded with Madhu, Srividya in the lead roles. Music of the Malayalam movie also became super hit, with novel songs like - Ayala porichathundu...

Kai kodutha Deivam 1964
Palunku Paathram 1970 ( I remember very much, Hindi remake also has come.
Dont remember now, have to locate)

Malayalam remake under the direction of Thikkurissi sunk without leaving a trace. Tamil film remains a all time hit with good story, good acting and music. Sivaji, Savithri in the lead roles. Touching story of a girl with immature and child like mind and character. Savithri excelled in the role.

Raja Parvai 1981
Nancy 1981

Avargal 1977
Sreeman Sreemathi 1981

The Malayalam remake, though was not that much successful at the box office, it was a good remake in Malayalam. Srividya excelled in her role as the courageous woman who fights agains the injustice towards her by her busband.

Kudiyiruntha Kovil 1968
Dhruvasangamam 1981

Remake of the super hit MGR movie which flopped at the box office

Engiruntho Vanthaal 1970
Amruthavahini 1976 (In Hindi the same year 1970 - Khilauna)

Tamil as well as the Hindi were block busters. And comparatively Hindi was more successful with good performances by Sanjeev Kumar and Mumtaz. In Tamil Sivaji and Jayalalitha. Malayalam flopped.

Ezhai Pedum Paadu 1950

Neethipeetham 1977 (An adaptation of Victor Hugo's novel "Les Miserables"-

And a novel of the same title as the film authored by
Sudhananda Bharathi)

The Tamil film remains a classic,though it did not create wonders at the box office. Good performance by Nagiah , Padmini etc and melodies by M L Vasanthakumari. The Malayalam film just an average film.

Major Chandrakant 1960

Karthavyam 1982

Good acting by Madhu and Jagathi. But the film failed at the box office.

Paalai Vana cholai 1981
Ithu Njangalude Katha 1982

One of the very successful remakes. The Malayalam remake succeeded like its original. Captivating performances by Suhasini in Tamil and by Santhi Krishna in Malayalam. Probably the best film of Santhi Krishna in Malayalam.

Vidiyum Vare Kaathiru 1981
Saram 1982

Chattam oru Iruttarai 1981
Maattuvin Chattangale 1982

Engal Vadhyar 1980
Guru Dakshina 1983

Nooravathu Naal 1984
Ayiram Kannukal 1986

Successful Malayalam remake of the box office hit of Vijayakant in Tamil. In Malayalam good acting by Mammootty and Shobana.
A good suspense thriller in Malayalam.

Savale Samali 1970
Randu Lokam 1977

Unsuccessful remake of the block buster Sivaji-Jayalalitha starrer Tamil film.

Poova Thalaiya 1969
Balapareekshanam 1978

Unsucessful remake of a commercial hit by K Balachander in Tamil. Performance of the action hero Jayashankar and the villainous role performed by the versatile genius and singing star of early tamil cinema, S Varalakshmi was the high point of the tamil movie. In Malayalam Raghavan and Sukumari failed to impress the audience by their corresponding roles.

Bhadrakali 1976
Pichippoo 1978

Galatta Kalyanam 1968
Snehikkan Samayamilla 1978

Kanavane Kan Kanda Deivam 1955
Nagamatathu Thampuratti 1982 (As Devta in HIndi - 1956)

Malayalam film also succeeded in collecting at the box office. But not like the Tamil original or the Hindi remake. With Anjali Devi, Lalitha and Gemini Ganeshan in the Tamil; and with Anjali Devi, Vyjayanthimala and Gemini Ganeshan in the Hindi, the film was one of the best fantasy tales ever produced in Tamil as well as Hindi. But the Malayalam remake did not rise up to that status. In Tamil as well as the Hindi, the vampish role of Lalitha and Vyjayanthimala respectively was main attraaction of the film. In Malayalam Unni Mary failed to impress the audience by the corresponding role. In Tamil as well as the Hindi, the films were musical hits


  1. A wonderful work!Really worth for the next generation.But I beg your pardon to say that actually films Nancy and Chilanerangalil chila manithargal are not remakes.Both films dubbed from Tamil.And some films had the original from other language films e.g. His Higness abdullah and mukundetta Sumithra vilikkunnu are from Ek nari do Roop {Shathrugnan Sinha and Asha parekh} and Katha directed by Sai Paranja Pai.

  2. There is another film `Oruthira Pinneyumthira`from Tamil film Vidukathai Thodarkathai` leading roles done by Vijayan and Sobha.`Chamayam` directed by Bharathan has it`s original from a Telugu movie.In 1977 a film `Mattoru Seetha` was made from a Telugu movie starring Kamal Hasan Vincent and Sobhana.Later K.Balachander remade it in Tamil as `Moondru Mudichu` leading roles done by Kamal Hasan Rajinikant and Sreedevi.Kamal Hasan acted the antihero role in Malayalam but Rajinikant acted it in Tamil.

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    Raja Parvai 1981 - Nancy 1981.

    But can't find the songs of NANCY in

  4. Sivaji Ganesan's films remade in Malayalam failed to click in the box office.Why? Acting quotient of the legend could not be replicated. Many drab characters came to life because of his powerful portrayal which is very much wanted in Malayalam remakes.

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  6. which is the original movie of"CHAMAYAM"?

  7. Great effort. Hats off.. To this powerful list, i would like to make some corrections. The Tamil film Kudiyiruntha Kovil (1968) is itself a remake of the hindi film China Town (1962). Similarly, Yaar Payyan (1957), Miss Mary (1955), Annai (1962), Padithal Mattum Podhuma (1962), Naanum Oru Penn (1963) were themselves remake of bengali films Chhele Kaar (1954), Manmoyee Girls School (1935), Mayamrigo (1960), Naa (1954) and Badhu (1962) respectively. Another Malayalam film Pushpanjali (1972) was also a remake of bengali film Uttar Phalguni (1963), which was also remade in hindi as Mamta (1966).

  8. Superb Work. Pretty useful for my theses. Thank you

  9. Good list. But comments are not acceptable because all the comments are one sided and blames Malayalam is really far better to watch Malayalam version rather than the Tamil version of highly dramatic style of acting.

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