Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Creative Side of Priyadarsan - Poochakkoru Mukkuthi

But most of his creations as some of may know, are lose adaptations of hollywood movies. It is none other than Priyadarshan.

MAKING OF POOCHAKKORU MOOKKUTHI (The fans of Priyan pardon me, but this is a fact. I have not come across any pin pointing on this film in line with my findings. If somebody know, please favour me with feed back. And also, if ever you get chance to watch these movies, please).

Poochakkoru Mookkuthi can be considered as combination of two tamil films (at least 90 % of the film) except for the climax.

The tamil fims - Rajarani (1956) directed by A Bhimsingh + En Manaivi (1942) directed by Sunder Rao Nadkarni.

The sequences involving the mistaken identity of Menaka, confusion created regard to the relation between Nedumudi Venu and Menaka, Sukumari suspecting Nedumudi Venu, etc
This sequence is just a copy of the situation in Raja Rani. Padmini playing role corresponding to that of Menaka, N S Krishnan playing that of Neumudi Venu, and T A Madhuram that of Sukumari. Sivaji Ganeshan playing the role corresponding to Mohanlal.

Coincidences are welcome, and in English literature we call it accidental incidences. But can some one imagine a scene, in which Sukumari suspects, and thinks that she caught hsesr husband red handed has a predecessor scene ? Yes there is. In Raja Rani - T A Madhuram comes to the Balcony of her house to just clear her comb after combing the hair and discard the fallen hair to the garden, then she finds Padmini hiding behind the bushes, a dove on her head, and N S Krishnan enters the bushes to pick up his walking stick which by mistake he throws to the bushes.

Hope now you got the point. A ditto scene is there in our Priyans film also. Involving Sukumari ( T A Madhuram), Menaka (Padmini), Nedumudi Venu (NS Krishnan) and Mohanlal (Sivaji).

The story line also somewhat same. Padmini being mistaken to be the rich lady T A Madhuram.

And such scene from En Manaivi also copied. That is in the climax scenes involving Soman etc. In the film En Manaivi I remember Sarangapani, Padma etc were the stars.

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