Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dignified Imitations

Whatever may be the act, it becomes dignified when one  approve it is are true to himself.

Imitation - The film music followed the way from the beginning.  And some consider it shameful, yes shameful it is.  To inherit somebody's property.  But, when you admit that you have snatched it from somebody, at least you are true to yourselves.  But one denies it and claims to be his own.  Yes this is what happened in the case of the imitation from Thenmavin Kombath

The imitation of the Pankaj Mullick melody - Piya Milan ko aana .... from Kapal Kundala.

Do you know, this tune was imitated in Tamil , upto my knowledge three times.

1.  Ashok Kumar 1941.  M K Thyagaraja Bhagavathar and T V Kumudini sang in the tune of Piya Milan ko aana....  The Tamil duet - "Ullam Kavarumen Paavaai..."

2.  Same year, 1941 in the Tamil film "Sanyasi"  T S Jayal sang a comedy song, "Koyyapazham Vaangaleyo...." in the same tune. 

3.  In the tamil film of 1941 itself, "Seetha Jananam" also, P G Venkateshan (who is popularly known as  Tamil Saigal) sang a song in the same tune.  I dont remember the lyrics, I have got the gramphone records of these songs.

The difference with our Malayalam composer and the composers/singer of the tamil imitations is that, the singers and the composers openly, and with some pride, said that they imitated the Pankaj Mulllick number in Tamil. 

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