Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Repetition of titles of films

Feb 12, 2013 (B VIJAYAKUMAR)
A glance at the list of Malayalam films released during 2012 confuses you. Makes you think seriously about the undesirable trend that is attaining more prominence year by year !! Some of the titles are just repetition of titles of films released earlier. There are exceptions for the copying of titles – three repetitions are remakes of the films of same title – “Nidra” (1981) , “Chattakkari” (1974) and “Rasaleela” (1975). 
Films with the same titles released in 2012 are remakes of these films, like “Neelathamara” (2009) and “Rathinirvedam” (2011) during the previous years. But some other films with repeated titles are in no way related with the theme or storyline of earlier releases of same title. For example the 2012 releases - “Asuravithu “ , “Padmavyooham”, and “Simhasanam” bear just the titles of the earlier releases with same titles released in 1968, 1973, and 1979 respectively. Thinking that these films also are remakes just like “Nidra” or “Chattakkari”, and you buy tickets for the shows of the 2012 releases, then you are sure to get disappointed because the stories or the genre of these 2012 releases with the titles of earlier releases are entirely different !! You may not find any common factor in these later releases with that of the earlier ones ! 

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