Tuesday, February 5, 2013

അഭ്രപാളികളുടെ നക്ഷത്രവഴികളില്‍

B Vijayakumar is starting a new weekly column with MSI

The first installment of talks about Documenting the history of Indian Cinema and the Music

Feb 5, 2013 (B VIJAYAKUMAR) Indian Cinema – In 2013, we are celebrating the Centenary of this wonderful visual art, the most popular entertainment media of a majority of Indians. Strictly speaking, Indian cinema was born in 1912, even though there is difference of opinion on this point. The first feature film produced in India was the silent movie “Pundalik” which was released on 18th May, 1912. This film, however, is denied the status of being the first Indian film for the technical reason that it was released and shown along with a foreign film “A Dead Man’s Child" (Denmark – 1911) directed by Eduard Schniedler-Sorensen as a single film show. The film was released at Coronation Cinematograph, Bombay. No footage of “Pundalik”, or any still pictures or literature related to the film are available. The advertisement poster is the only available document related to the film.

Details of the artists who acted also are also not available. Difficulty with the documentation of Indian cinema starts with the very first feature film ever produced in India........ 
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