Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Real True Copy

Here is the true copy - a real true copy - Tune copied, lyrics copied.

Original - Hindi film "Ram Rajya" (1943)  Directed by Vijay Bhatt.  Music Shanker Rao Vyas

Singer, the renowned singer, legend of Hindustani music, Saraswati Rane.

Song " Beena Madhur Madhur Kachu Bol...."

And quite surprisingly, do you know, on the gramaphone record label (78 rpm) the singer's name is given as "Chitralekha 's song".  Chitralekha is the name of the character in the film, I think the role was performed by Vijayalakshmi, as the servant maid of the heroine, Seetha devi enacted by Shobhana Samarth.  The song is featured as a lullaby sung by her to  get Seetha to sleep.

And when Ram Rajya was remade in Malayalam as "Seetha", Abhaya dev translated the lyrics and Dakshinamoorthy swami just copied the tune, making the song a real TRUE COPY.

Just listen to the song sent as attachment.  In Malayalam the song that happened to be the first of P Suseela, is "Veeney paaduka priyatharamaai...."

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