Madhu, Sudheer, Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair, Jose Prakash, Bahadur, Aryad Gopalakrishnan, Nandita Bose, Rani Chandra, Aranmula Ponnamma, T.P.Radhamani etc.

The romantic novel Swapnam, was serialised in a Malayalam weekly before it was published in 1967. It was a best seller. This novel was turned into a film by Sivan under the banner of Saritha Films. Directed by Babu Nanthencode, the film was noted for its brilliant cinematography by Ashok Kumar. Released on August 3, 1973, the film failed at the box office.
The story pivots around the heroine for whom poetry is a strong passion. A slow moving film, it was against the 1970s trend. Ramu Kariat’s Abhayam (1970), based on Perumbadavam Sreedharan’s novel of the same title also pivoted on a similar heroine. This film too failed at the box office. The trend favoured fast moving romantic stories, action-packed thrillers and social stories.
The highpoint of Swapnam was its mellifluous music by Salil Choudhary. The film introduced the Bengali actress Nandita Bose to Malayalam cinema.
A leading building contractor and businessman Viswanathan (Madhu) brings home Gowri (Nandita Bose) whom he met on the road one night on his way back home after a business tour. Viswanathan’s mother (Aranmula Ponnamma) was leading a silent and gloomy life after the death of her husband. Gowri’s arrival brings some cheer into her life.
Soon rumours run rife about Gowri and Viswanathan. Gopi (Jose Prakash), Viswanathan’s brother protests against having Gowri in the house. But Viswanathan ignores all this. Gradually, he withdrew from a decadent past. He proposes marriage to Gowri but she refuses.
Viswanathan’s cousin Vasumathi (Rani Chandra) was Gowri’s college mate. She knew a lot about Gowri’s past. Gowri was in love with Bindu (Sudheer), a young poet who visited her college as a chief guest for a function. Gowri was madly in love with Bindu’s poems and both of them wished to marry. But her father (Kottarakkara) disapproved of this match as he wanted to marry his daughter to a wealthy man. Bindu leaves the city and promises to return rich.
Gowri’s father dies before she could complete her college education. Her brother (Aryad Gopalakrishnan) who was away from home for a long time returns and takes charge of the household. His wife wishes to marry Gowri to her brother (Balan K. Nair), who serves in the Army and is now at home on leave. Gowri refuses this proposal.
One night Gowri escapes from the advances of this man, runs and stands in the middle of the road. This is whan she happens to meet Viswanathan. Gowri continues to wait for Bindu to come back.
Viswanathan completes the construction of a palatial building. The owner of this building is none other than Bindu. Gowri meets Bindu. But she is disappointed to find that Bindu has abandoned poetry and is only after money now. She rejects him. Bindu commits suicide. Gowri leaves the palatial house that Bindu built for her. Viswanathan follows her in his car, picks up her from the road, and takes her home.
Nandita Bose impressed with her charming looks and fine acting. Bahadur and T.P. Radhamani provided moments of laughter.
Five songs written by ONV Kurup and composed by Salil Choudhary became super hits. This was Vani Jayaram’s first Malayalam film. Nee varoo kavya devathey…, Maane maane vili kelkoo… (both by K.J. Yesudas), Shaarike en shaarike…, Mazhavilkodi kaavadi….(both by S. Janaki) and Soura yoothathil vidarnoru… (Vani Jayaram) remain fresh and charming even today.
Will be remembered: As the debut Malayalam film of Nandita Bose and Vani Jayaram. And for its excellent music.